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Business and Life Lessons from Angry Birds

April 24, 2012

The last place I expected to find a life lesson was in a game of Angry Birds on myiPhone. I was taking a break from work, pinging various furious feathered friends in different directions to eliminate these space pigs when it occurred to me — how easy it is to try over and over again in a game. 

Aside from the odd “ugh” or “oohh” grumbling, I barely thought about it when I failed a level. I simply made another attempt and another, knowing I would figure it out eventually.
Imagine if we faced each day the same way. Didn’t get chosen by that potential client. That’s fine. Keep picking up the phone until you find new customers. Losing weight. No problem. Don’t beat yourself up for that chocolate chip cookie. Start over as many times as you need to find what works for you. Wish you had dealt with that work situation differently. No worries. Think of a new way to handle it next time. And move on.
It shows how much energy we can waste looking backwards. Sure, reflection is good. It’s healthy. But why invest energy thinking negatively about ourselves or our situation? Why worry whether or not we’ll find the right solution? Keep on adjusting our lives, being positive, and doing what we need to do.
Would it be too much of a pun if I called my time with Angry Birds a “game changer”? Back to my iPhone for a break now. Gee, I wonder what Freecell can teach me…

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Comments (4)
1. Sharon O’Day said on 4/24/12 – 10:56AM
I was at a conference this weekend where Rich Schefren of Strategic Profits (I consider Rich one of the true thinkers in this industry) talked about “pivots” as changes in direction based on what has been learned. (Sound familiar, Catherine?) “Successful entrepreneurs are those with better and more frequent pivots, not necessarily those with the better ideas …”
2. Martha Giffen said on 4/24/12 – 11:28AM
Funny! I always say playing Bejeweled Blitz is the time for my left brain thinking to happen! Love your “try, try again” attitude!
3. angie m jordan said on 4/24/12 – 11:50AM
I think that is a wonderful lesson. One step is all that is required to move forward. Keep going, keep trying, one step at a time.
4. Kim Eagles said on 4/24/12 – 12:06PM
Love this thought process…my family will be happy to hear that there is a lesson to learn playing Angry Birds LOL So true…pick yourself up and fling yourself at the next challenge!! 

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  1. Mandy Edwards permalink

    I never thought of it that way. I play Angry Birds too. That’s a parallel I’ll have to share 🙂

  2. So simple and yet, we fail to see the connection to life. Why is it that we give ourselves do-overs when things don’t matter and don’t when it does? It makes so much sense.

  3. Ideas come from the funniest places! I also find that I do some of my best brainstorming while playing my Apps. I get lost in thought when playing “Where’s My Water?”. 🙂

  4. Anita Fiander permalink

    Love the anaology and this statement is just spot on! “Keep on adjusting our lives, being positive, and doing what we need to do.”

  5. Nice ideas! I don’t play Angry Birds very much, but I do understand what you mean.

  6. Nisha permalink

    I love it! The analogy is great, and I’m going to keep your ideas in mind. “Didn’t work? Doesn’t matter, I’ll start over.” That simple.

    I had a situation just like this yesterday that almost sent me into a tailspin. Next time I’m just going to think about Angry Birds!

  7. Hmmm, does this mean I can expense my Angry Bird charges now? I’ll call it research.

  8. Very good analogy. When we think that we have truly nothing to lose (but time in this case) we seem to be more willing to try again at something we were not yet adept at.

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